So Sad: “I’m Leaving, My Mind Is Made Up” Chelsea Most Important Star Reveals – Fans Will Be Disappointed

Chelsea coach Guus Hiddink has restated that he would leave his post at the end of the season. While speaking in a Press conference as the club prepare to host Scunthorpe in the English FA Cup. The Coach said :

“I’ve put two dates in my mind, which is May 21 and 28, and then it’s finished. Then I can go home on the 29.

“Those dates are FA Cup (final) and Champions League (final). We made it very clear that at the end of this, then I will stop.”

FA CUP hiddink

The coach manage the team in 2009 after Felipe Scolari was fired, he led to the team to FA Cup glory before he departed.

The Coach also reacted to the training bust up between Costa and Oscar, he said :

“It was a pity that our photographer yesterday had a day off because he could have shot beautiful pictures from the two, let’s say, bulls who were chesting a bit after a charge from behind from the smaller bull, which was Oscar,” said Hiddink, whose side host third-tier Scunthorpe United in the FA Cup third round on Sunday.

“He (Costa) took a charge from behind and it was overdone, especially when you know Oscar. He is not the biggest tackler of the team and he got Diego.

“And of course, then they stumbled over the ground, stood up as a normal reaction and then chested a bit without any further seriousness or threat of punching or whatever. It was more the threat of two bulls.

“After that, Oscar apologized in front of the group. He wanted to speak. I said, ‘Take the podium.’ He apologised for his over-reacting and then they looked at each other and they started laughing. I think it’s OK.

“Jokes were made already afterwards, so it’s normal. We are used to playing on a high intensity. It happens, so it’s solved.”

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