Le Sport 10 says Mourinho's 'dream' is to go back to Chelsea

Chelsea's manager Mourinho consoles Lampard after loss to Liverpool during FA Cup semi-final soccer match at Old Trafford in ManchesterRoman Abramovich’s chances of convincing José Mourinho to relieve him from the repercussions of serial managerial sackings are dependent on Chelsea’s owner ceding control of soccer matters to the Portuguese coach. According to close friends, Mourinho is seriously considering a proposal to return to Stamford Bridge this summer, yet wants to do so only if key powers are restored to the manager.

Though Mourinho was in discussions with PSG over taking over the reins in the summer, interest appears to have subsided on his part. Le Sport 10 says Mourinho’s ‘dream’ is to go back to Chelsea.

Super-agent Jorge Mendes is trying to speed up negotiations with Roman Abramovich, whom he has a good relationship with. Apparently the pair have been on the phone to each other in the past few weeks to discuss the prospect of making it happen. Mendes also handles the affairs of Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao.

What do you guys think about this? For me, the stage is set for The Special One!

  1. dennis says

    pliz we want him back

  2. bkman says

    bring back the SPECIAL ONE

  3. Anonymous says

    Every true Chelsea fan would think the same way <3

  4. king elijah says

    I read an aricle like this yesterday, and I so much believe the special one will come back to chelsea. I believe Roman will give him the power to rule and control the affairs of football in chelsea.

  5. Martin samson says

    Good news for chelsea fans

  6. Zane says

    My instinct already tells me he’ll be with us next season. I had the same instinct about Hazard before this time last year.

  7. archie says

    good news indeed…

  8. irokotola michael says

    he will come back and all our attitude and character will be back. Our ruggedity and never say die spirit of those days will be back. The spirit of john terry against barca 2004 4-2. The attitude of drogba vs united FA final, the character of lampard vs bolton, i mean the league winner. The never say die of ballack vs liverpool. The unselfish and team succes craving of obi and the mesmerising of j cole all these will be back and we will be happy watching cfc again. Love everyone in cfc blue jersey.

  9. elsha4luv says

    bring him bak, he is d ‘[only one'[

  10. Anonymous says

    He’s de ONLY ONE, SPECIAL ONE 2 revive chelsea 2 its past glory, I don’t think any blues faithful will want anybody else except JoSe. I can’t wait 2 see him…Bluez 4 Life!

  11. Kobbyhans says

    We all want Mourinho but cannot be delighted still he is confirmed. As at now mere speculation.

    1. Stafon says

      The accident of finding this post has brghetined my day

  12. sunday ojo says

    if moriho came back i w very happy

  13. sunday ojo says

    if mourinho com bck 2 chelsea a we very happen

  14. Easylink says

    i will love see mourinho back to chelsea fc he is a manager with partion and with him chelsea will be the best club in word thank

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