Schürrle refuses to be another Marin.


Andre Schürrle has said that he doesnt fear facing the same fate as Marko Marin did since joining Chelsea last summer.

In an interview with Kicker, Schürrle was quoted as saying “I am Andre Schurrle and i dont compare myself to others, i have my own qualities and confidence to say I feel strong enough to come out on top here.

Schürrle will have to fight hard in order to get a starting spot, facing competition mostly from Hazard, Oscar and Kevin deBruyne.

Let us know what you think about what Schurrle said and if he would be able to get a starting spot or not in your replies below.

  1. Anonymous says

    He his looking likely to be another marin

  2. BigChill says

    I don’t doubt this guy………at all

  3. emmanuel says

    He would have to take his chances if not he can look forward to being a benxlch wamer!

  4. Bitto raphael says

    He should be in the attack not wing or midfield

  5. Shingie Samu says

    No chance in leg games my during the Carring Cup

  6. Andri says

    Merci, Babooshka! “Louis” is always happy to see that you have vietisd.Readers, Babooshka writes the Ramsey (Isle of Man) Daily Photo. “Louis” has the link in the right sidebar.

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