The Curious Case of Jose Mourinho


With the start of the season 2012-13, many eyes were glued on Real Madrid, expecting them to produce the same form they had produced in the previous season under the leadership of Jose Mourinho. ‘The Special One’, as he was called after his arrival at Chelsea, had set many breath taking records in the La Liga which saw the Madrid club win the domestic title by a lead of 9 points. The Portuguese Manager was finally successful in beating Pep Guardiola’s mighty Barcelona which the club had struggled with in recent times. However, with beginning of a new campaign, Real Madrid was nowhere near the benchmarks they had set in the previous season where as their biggest rivals Barcelona didn’t drop from 1st position and Real Madrid’s local rivals, Atletico Madrid, continued showing solid performances to maintain a better league position than Los Blancos. As a result there have been numerous reports in the press that Jose Mourinho has lost faith of many players in the dressing room and  a dark future looms over the next step of  ‘The Special One’. It’s widely acclaimed that Jose’s current situation at Real Madrid is similar to his situation in his last days at Chelsea. It’s also been rumored that the European Heavyweights are already looking for a replacement for next season. And The Master Tactician himself with his ever increasing ambition is looking for a move abroad. It’s not easy to predict things in Football but here’s an attempt to state Jose Mourinho’s next probable destination.

Germany: Bundesliga is perhaps the only top European League left which is yet to witness the magic of Jose Mourinho. But to disappoint the Germans, Jose Mourinho has clearly ruled out a move to Bundesliga next summer unlike Pep Guardiola who is set to takeover Bayern Munich. Also, Jurgenn Klopp is willing to see off his contract at Borussia Dortmund which means that Jose Mourinho will probably go elsewhere.

Italy: All his former clubs are very close to his heart and he always wishes the best for them. He enjoyed a very successful spell at Inter Milan where he won a treble in the season 2009-10 before leaving the club for Spanish Club, Real Madrid. and very recently he didn’t refuse to rule out a return to the Italian Club. When asked about returning to Inter Milan he was quoted by The Daily Star: “There are a lot of things to do and one of them might be to come back to Inter, why not?” So at this moment of time, even with less chances, possibility of a return to Serie A can’t be ruled out.

Portugal: In the Past, Jose Mourinho has stated a desire to become Portugal National Team’s Coach but he has hardly been linked to Porto Job, a club which he guided to the European Glory in 2003-04. Won’t be wrong to rule out Portugal as his next destination at this  moment.

France: Located in the country’s capital, The Big Spenders Paris St. Germain are reported to approach Jose Mourinho to be in charge next summer. Ex Chelsea Boss Carlo Ancelotti, the current manager of PSG, guided the club to runners up position last season but failing to deliver a trophy this season may see him getting the axe. Moreover, PSG are a sort of club which have boundless financial resources which would certainly be favorable to Mourinho.  So the French Club has more than a decent chance of witnessing his arrival come end of the season.

England: Asked when he expected to return to England, the former Chelsea boss said: “After Real, I love everything [about the Premier League]. Normally, It will be my next step.” In the recent months he has been heavily linked to Manchester City and his beloved Chelsea. Manchester City who won the Premier League last season under Roberto Mancini could not live up to expectations in Champions League and currently lag behind local rivals Manchester United in this year’s Premier League Title race. But getting his signature won’t be an easy task for the Manchester Club. They have appointed Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain at the club recently who were at Barcelona when they famously declined Jose Mourinho for Barca job. Also, the club owner Sheikh Mansour won’t be a fan of Mourinho’s frank and critic attitude which sometimes paints the club in negative image. This is the same reason he could be snubbed by the red half of Manchester as well. Jose Mourinho, he says how he feels, he celebrates likes a fan, and also is like a father to many players. Manchester United would find hard to accustom to his actions and would like to sign someone else for the job. That leaves Chelsea as front runners for his signature. The London based club is having one of the worst seasons under the ownership of Roman Abramovich. They started the season with a chance to win 7  Trophies but have won none as far. Further appointment of Rafa Benitez after sacking of fan favorite Roberto Di Matteo has left most of the fans baffled. As a backlash, many Chelsea Fans are now hoping to see the man who guided them to their first league title after they last won in 1955, back as soon as possible.

Conclusion: While there are numerous clubs wanting to have Jose Mourinho, Chelsea are likely to have the most odds followed with Paris St. Germain and comparatively lesser chance for Manchester City and Inter Milan.

Looking Forward to suggestions and constructive criticism. KTBFFH!

  1. king elijah says

    As for me I believe the special one will definitely come to England because of his recent talk bout his next destination.
    Let’s take a look at the case of PSG, they are a very strong financial club but in times of the media and some other factors like players rating in france generally Jose looks likely to snub them. I see the special one re-uniting with his favourite fun loving club(Chelsea) because of the way he was being handle and the passion the fans have for his tactics.

  2. thomte says

    .hope he come back to chelsea

  3. Chengo Blue says

    I dont think the reunion of Abramovich and Mourinho is possible they are both very proud and always want to get their ways. Jose doesnt like anyone interfering with his squad and wants to have 100% control of which player to buy or sell. If Jose comes back to chelsea, I dont think he can stay for a long time.

    1. vinayaksoodcfc says

      When Pedro Pinto asked Jose Mourinho if he would like to work with Roman Abramovich again, His answer was ‘yes’. Moreover, The pair have been in contact since 2007 when Roman Abramovich gifted Jose Mourinho a Ferarri. Recent loan of Michael Essien to Real Madrid also points in the same direction.

  4. birne23 says

    This is a very well-witten article.
    Personally, I would like to see Mourinho back at Stamford Bridge and bringing the club back to their past performance. Even Chelsea FC won the Champions League last year still missing something. Mourinho can deal with big players but would he go somewhere without Christiano Ronaldo? Like it was written, he’s like a father to some of his player – same with Ronaldo??? Roman Abramovich has enough money to buy both and they would fit in pretty well.
    Maybe it’s also time for Chelsea to keep a coach way longer than just half a season and guessing that Mourinho might be able to survive… winning the CL is one thing but staying at Chelsea FC for more than one season make you a great coach… hope we’ll see him back at Stamford Bridge …

  5. Olanegan stanley says

    I want jose 2 come back nd sign a life contract

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