Chelsea raiding German Giants?

Reports today suggesting that after the capture of Cesc Fabregas that Chelsea have entered the transfer war for Toni Kroos while  also eyeing a move for Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Kroos the 24-year old Germany international is out of contract with Bayern Munich next summer and has refused to sign a new deal with the Bundesliga champions due to wages demands.

Manchester United had thought to be at the front of the line before new manager Luis van Gaal distanced them from his signature, Real Madrid were also said to be very interested, but now Chelsea are said to have offered him close to 7 Million per season.


Meanwhile, Chelsea have also shown interest in signing Gabon international striker Aubmeyang, who currently plays for Borussia Dortmund and is under contract until 2018.

The 24-year old is reportedly not happy playing for the club after being kept on the bench for majority of the time last season. The striker is available for £6 million and Dortmund are prepared to listen to offers after signing Italian striker Ciro Immobile.


What say you CFC fanatics, any truth to these reports? Are these players we should be looking into recruiting?



  1. Shiloh says

    We don’t need more midfielder.

  2. fidel says

    Forget Kroos,go for Aubemeyang!good support/strike partner for Costa.

  3. Neo says

    Toni Kroos is definitely welcome.

  4. miles says

    Not toni kroos. We have a lot midfielders like mvg. Get aubemayang, the boy is good. He is a playmaker striker, if dortmund really want to let him go then fine. But before he comes, we have to make room for him. If lukaku leaves permanently then we can get him. Let’s just See What Mou does

  5. Prince says

    We dnt need kroos,chelsea hav many players,who can giv us wot kroos is capable of. Pls after diago-coster is ok,check out lukaku who is on lone the should bring him 2 stanford bridge. Thank u

  6. Prince says

    We dnt need kroos,chelsea hav many players,who can giv us wot kroos is capable of. Pls after diago-coster is ok,check out lukaku who is on lone the should bring him 2 stanford bridge.

  7. Chris says

    Id rather have Kroos and his passing range than Mikel. If we sold Mikel which will probably happen anyway and get between 12-15m for him than to buy Kroos is just 8-5m more. In my opinion its just a bit naive to just use a sweeping statement such as “we don’t need Kroos” .

    1. kes says

      Don’t worry you guys will surely get you wish. John Mikel Obi will leave ChelseaFC. Hope you guys have picked up his replacement: someone you blame even when the team is winning?

      1. Anonymous says

        Ramires is already there.

  8. Mo says

    D Midfield is crowded already we have Ramires, Matic, Fab, Van Gin. If we shld sign Aumbeyang then we have to let go of Tores and BA. Mou really need to give Lukaku a chance to prove himself d Lad is a beast I feel he is better than all the striker Chelsea are linked with. Instead of Aumbeyang I prefer we sign Mandzukic. ForzaChelsea

  9. Nino says

    I think kroos is such a good addition, should we sell Rami and Mikel, give a chance to mvg and possibly Baker, he’ll give good competition to Oscar, or they can also play together. All along this season we’ve had diffeculties breaking down resolute defences, sn he can be of help in those cases.

  10. Fik says

    No doubt that blue need Kroos. Player who has different style of playing benefit the team. Blue need a complete player who kick Corna, free kick accurately & score goal following Lamp exit. Blue definetly need Kroos. He is a different fantastic player. He is better than all DMs that we hv. He can score goals & create chance from distant like Lamp. His long pass is also fantastic that our midfield can’t do now.

  11. kobi says

    kroos would really be a good signing for us if we could get him.he is the ideal replacement for a legend like lampard and can guarantee us a lot of goals from midfield like lampard did for us.let get him on board.blues for life.

  12. Mourinho is the Best says

    After some matches at World Cup, I think Kroos is good for us. Mikel is good to keep. Mourinho is the best coach as we can see how useless is Kevin de Bryne. Mou sold him is 100% right. Very disappointed on Lukaku and that’s why Mou want to sell him. Performance so bad yesterday. Ba is better than him a lot. And we should keep Omureo as CB. And hope Mou bring back Atsu.

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      @ Mourinho is the best on :Just one World Cup match, u say Lukaku is rubbish- that’s too far fetched. For your infor Kevin was the man of the match against Algeria.

  13. SunneyLamps says

    @Mourihno is d best….. After some matches in this world cup u could see that we need Kroos? Like how many matches has Germany played??? And in just one world cup match it shows that Lukaku is bad and Ba is better than him hmmmm…. Really??? De bruyne was instrumental in both Belgium goals and he was bad in d the match? Because we sold the lad doesn’t make him a bad player….. As a matter of fact ur Comment was pointless sorry to say

    1. Mourinho is the Best says

      SunnyLamps and Neri,……My comment is not pointless. World cup is world cup. Messi is never comparable with Pele and Maradona as he never wins WC. Bosque will lose the job as Spain exit at group stage. First 2 matches decide the fate of the team. You can see how important one match counts. We seems that have no way to go as we use Baines and not A Cole. Baines is not the world class. Comparing the pass skills and creativity, Kroos is far better than KDB. Yes. he was the man of match…. who cares! He is bad in pass and this makes Belgian team difficult to win. Don’t you say it was a easy win, right? Lukaku sucks. He is totally over-rated. Belgium is starting at a 4231. If we use Lukaku as our 1 at the front, it’s no difference with our past season. His reaction is slow and lazy. Let’s keep this message as a note. I bet he is no goal striker in the whole World Cup.

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