Fixtures for 2014/15 season announced

The long awaited announcement of the 2014/15 premier league fixtures is finally done. Chelsea will travel to Burnley on the first day of the season, followed by our first home match against Leicester City. We will face two new promoted teams on the first day.


What is your opinion on the fixture list? For more information, click here 
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  1. Anonymous says

    Easy first four

  2. GABBY says


  3. Anonymous says

    Early 6 points

  4. Tunday says

    If we can just the 6points from the 1st two games, it will be a good go. We can then build on that and start the new season a strong title favourite. I think we will have a good season. Blue is the colour!

  5. Cynthia says

    Cant wait for us to shine next season! Up blues!

  6. Okeke emmanuel says

    Chelseafc 2014/2015 seasons fixtures have been gud for us nd we are expected to win d league.

  7. Cynthia says

    Now all we need is to win the matches, whether we play big or small teams.

  8. Fik says

    Z fixture favour blue. Blue wl play z 2nd game with top 5 with home. If z little horse is changed to ‘big one’, we wl definetly win z title.

  9. Sam says


  10. Richard n moses says

    up blues wetha we play wt big club or small what we need is to capture that 3 point.that truphy i need it this seson.

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