Premier League clubs Manchester United, Chelsea failed Falcao, says Monaco’s Vadim Vasilyev

The likes of Chelsea and Manchester United failed Radamel Falcao! That is the word being spewed out of Monaco vice president Vadim Vasilyev.

When Radamel Falcao joined the Premier League, the Manchester United faithful were buzzing, serenading themselves whilst come even went as far as composing songs in his name.

Fast forward to the end of the season, United were now in a hurry to offload the ‘messiah’ who was meant to deliver the goals. Perhaps, a brief history on the player would justify such move.

Falcao has always had a big money move attached to his name. Ever since his €40 million transfer to Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2011, the player has had a big money move attached to his name.

In 2013, he joined Monaco for a fee in the region of €60 million where he was fairly impressive, with 11 goals in 20 appearances in his first season, so it was not out of place for the United to sign him.

He joined them on a season-long loan with the option of making the move permanently for £43.5 million (€55 million) at season’s end. His move was hugely disappointing, as Falcao failed to justify his £265,000-a-week package.

He only managed four goals in 26 appearances for the Red Devil and that meant he would leave once his contract with them runs. His form for Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea was not brighter, so much so that even a punter would not place his money on Falcao reaching the 10-goal mark -he scored four goals that season.

However, Vasilyev feels the Premier League clubs were not patient with the Columbian international.

“Both clubs in England failed to relaunch him,” Vasilyev told the Daily Mail via ESPN.

“I don’t know whether Manchester United and Chelsea did not have the patience or the desire to do that but I am quite sure this year we will see Falcao at his previous best.

“He is the same Falcao as ever. We’ve seen that in preseason. He scores goals, he’s there and he is motivated, we are motivated and I think this will be his year.”

“You have to be patient but the big clubs have other topics on their agenda,” Vasilyev said.

“If you sign a player of this magnitude after a big injury it takes time and games to get him back into shape.

“This is what we will do and what Manchester United and Chelsea didn’t do, failed to do or didn’t want to do.

“We all see the qualities are there and it is a matter of time. Monaco will make every effort and you will see a very different Falcao this season to the one you saw in England.”

Falcao is back to Monaco so all eyes will be on him to get back to his Atletico’ form where he banged 20+ goals in the two consecutive seasons he spent in Spain.

Anything far from that would mean his Agent, Jorge Mendes, is actually the one pushing his client’s CV to the top clubs rather than Falcao delivering the good. We are watching.

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