Florent Malouda- Disrespected

Malouda: Finally on his way out?
Malouda: Finally on his way out?

To be honest its appalling the way the club have treated this former star! He was a huge factor in our success in the memorable 09/10 season and he was known as one of the best midfielders in the Premier League. He also featured in the Champions League final and offered us fresh legs as he came off the bench. He was regularly applauded under Carlo Ancelotti thanks to his brilliant work ethic,his wide range of passing and his electric burst of speed. I still remember the days when every Chelsea fan was excited to witness his creativity and his flair. We all loved the balls he would pump into the box and his crisp passing!

He was a brilliant player for us and he certainly was a fan favorite at one point. The Frenchman was one of the most exciting players in the Chelsea squad.He scored 15 goals in our double winning campaign and grabbed 15 assists also.

So to see him banished to the reserves is actually shocking. Please tell me what has he done to deserve this? He’s been a loyal servant to this club and has appeared on the pitch a staggering 229 times scoring on 45 occasions for the blues! So why on earth has he been banished to the reserves. i would prefer to see him start on the left-wing over Bertrand, let’s be frank Bertrand is a very bright prospect if he plays LB but he’s not a LW. I was stunned that we didn’t even start against Brentford! No disrespect to Brentford but it was a good game for him to show us what he’s still capable of and it would have been a good chance to improve match fitness.

Today he has criticised Chelsea’s decision not to play him
“It’s petty but more than anything else it makes me smile because it shows how these people regard me. If you are excluded for one year, it is very, very long. You must be armed mentally.All this is done to break me mentally, but in reality it motivates me enormously”
I respect him for coming out and giving Chelsea a piece of his mind! If I was in the same position I’m sure I’d do the same thing!

I think he has been included in the Europa league squad ( please correct me if I’m wrong) and i really hope that Rafa gives him a chance to prove his worth.Personally I still think he has a lot to offer regardless of his age. He really would be great cover for Mazacar, considering Rafa is a fan of rotating you never know he might start a couple of games.

I still regard him highly and I hope he can restart his Chelsea career and I hope the fans and players alike will accept him like he once was!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this! Let me know what’s your views on this KTBFFH!

  1. Darlington says

    Good write up, malouda is a good player that was not. Favored at the time AVB was the boss. Very loyal player I will be happy to see him play for chelsea again.

  2. king elijah says

    it will be a great joy for me to see my beloved malouda back in the starting eleven. I’m always sad to see one of the club legend with the reserve team, it’s something very bad. Malouda is truely a legend and he lifted this great thing when he was in form.

  3. King24 says

    The Chelsea board or whoever made the decision to banish Malouda should be ashamed of themselves. Have they forgotten those players that served the club in the past now that we have started buying players like Hazard and Oscar? I would’ve never expected Chelsea to go lower than ManUre who treated Berbatov like sh*t.

  4. Anonymous says

    first, he is not a chelsea legend.
    second, he could have left in summer only as he was told that he is no longer in chelsea plans. but he didn’t go as he is on huge salary which no other club was ready to pay. so he decided to stay here and cash in his salary.
    i do feel that it is the wrong treatment of a player who has served chelsea, but it is not only the board to blame here.

  5. Bitto raphael says

    Malouda did the right tin by not leavin when he is not surpose 2do so,chelsea were 2try him ones more when hazard n moses were not around and he was among those who fight 4d uefa crown so we if we should not play him again them let do thesame tin 2toress coz they both posseses thesame guality

  6. Sam says

    Sam Tate Couldn’t agree more. Not a single appearance when the season is almost half over? That’s a disgrace. Fuck Benitez and the Spanish horse he rode in on

  7. Nasiru says

    Is a legend in chelsea and is a professional also 4 him to accept wat comes her way without having any face off wth chelsea management,hope to c him back in their subsequecy game in europa league as mark of honour for his impact in blue shirt

  8. makinwa says

    he should be given a chance

  9. Ibrahim says

    Its realy bad to treat a player such as FM like that all the same if a mistake is been realised it should be corrected without delay FM will never forgive who ever do this to his career

  10. Anonymous says

    malouda so disrespected…so bad hey …

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