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  1. Buy Zithromax Thailand says

    Haha. What a great match! Cool. Blues 4ever. 1 love

  2. Anonymous says

    Thy claim lvp has the best attackers and cfc the best defense, bt at the end of the day lvp forward proved they cant beat the best defense, and this is the 2nd time lvp has failed against cfc.

  3. GABBY says

    Dere is 1tin u pple doesnt knw GOD doest nid a skilful heart he nids a pure heart so as to Jose ll tell u go nd win match 4 me dnt go nd play me fancy nd skilful football respect he he is d best coach in d worl

  4. GABBY says

    We Are Parking The Bus They Said (Chelsea ) Chelsea 2-1
    Man City
    Man City 0-1 Chelsea
    Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool
    Chelsea 3-1 Man U
    Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal Chelsea 4-0 Totteham Chelsea 3-0 Schalke
    Schalke 0-3 Chelsea
    Chelsea 2-0 Galatasary
    Chelsea 2-0 PSG
    Liverpool 0-2 Chelsea
    1Like= Shut Up Haters!
    and those that want entertainment football ships leave Chelsea or stop complaining. mou is the best.

    1. paul says

      great answer

  5. GABBY says

    onetin You dont know about football. The game has got two simple rules. First one has to do with defending so that you dont conceed goals and the second one has to do with scoring goals that you win. I dont think Mourihno has broken one of these rule so as to call his style of play Ant-Football. For Me Chelsea has proved to be the best at defending but they have not stopped scoring goal. They have scored 76 and you say they are ant football. Mourihno is simply the best coach he knows what he is doing.

  6. miles says

    ‘If yu want entertaining football, go and watch clowns’..dis performance was class. Kalas was impressive. I loved the look of our bench. Giving youth a chance. Wished baker came on tho.

  7. Juanescobar55 says

    Well said Gabby!!!
    I’m so happy and proud of our team!!!
    The only sad thing is that we lost the premier League against the little teams, we did the hard part of the EPL but we didn’t win the easy games, but is a process, let’s see our team the next season with a real killer striker!!!
    I really like the performance of our team this year, all the big teams are respecting our team!!!! KTBFFH

  8. Chelsea til i die

  9. Good display from the so called”weakened team”.i said it that we really do not hav a weak player as many fans here disregard the importanc of players like schwazer,ba,mikel,ashley etc.i wonder how they felt when those useles or not good enough players were getting the job done yesterday.2 them dat claim the epl is over should watch it,cos if we can win our last 2 matches,we wil win must loose at goodison park & l.pool wil draw their last 2 matches.lastly jose should also consider matic/luiz & mikel/matic ahead of matic/rami 4 the time being.we can stil do the double.keep believn cfc.up jose.ktbffh.

  10. Ghoul says

    “Weakened Team”…loooooooooooooooooool. Carefree baby!

    1. Buy Diazepam 20 Mg says

      hahahah that’s mourinho mind games 😛

  11. Buy Ativan Lorazepam says

    Fantastic team performance and a great full debut from Kalas. I can see why Jose didn’t want to loan him out. Pleased for Ba as he scored when it mattered (again). If only his distribution was better he would have a future at Chelsea. Can’t wait for the semi on Wednesday.

  12. beedem says

    well done big boys,blue for live.

  13. Martin, Norway. says

    Good match enjoyed the match. Mourinho is a good tactician. Tactically great! Weve beaten all the big teams in the league, next season we need to perform better against lesser opposition.

  14. CSM says

    Fantastic game, unfortunately we maybe delivered the title to the citizens. As a football fan, if CFC can’t win it,I would prefer the reds to do it. But we did our part and if we don’t win it we would only have ourselves to blame. Great match, we had a great team spirit, were very organized and took advantage of the rival errors. It begins to be a “pain in the ass” those “purists” who think they have the absolute truth about the game and are always trying other people how they should play, even telling that the game of our team is not football. If that style of game is so superior, why do they complain? They say that this style is “destroying football”, but I LIKE IT, and I think I’m not alone. The traditional football of the German squad (not since Low took charge), last year’s Bayern, the actual Atletico Madrid, that Real who got the goal’s record of La Liga, to me, played entertaining football and it was a pleasure for me to watch. Anti-football is surrounding the referee to pressure him, throwing balls to the field when you’re winning to stop the game or penalty simulations, not playing a strategy according to the game rules. You may like it or not, if you don’t you should go and do something else, but telling other teams how they should play is disrespectful. The important thing is that we won, we are in the race, and I still believe we will celebrate at the end. KTBFFH!!!

  15. Akinwumi says

    Lessons learnt
    1.Demba Ba is amazing.
    2.Mikel/Matic pivot isn’t bad at all.
    3.Kalas is a future player.
    4.We’re yet to see the best of Salah and Schurrle.
    5.When it comes to packing the bus in the world,we’re the best!

  16. GABBY says

    Never walk alone, learn to work alone sometimes, is tactic that win matches no coming with thesame formation all games. A park bus scoring two goals an a moving bus could not.

  17. Fik says

    I like tactic more than playing well. Blue showed every style of playing to big clubs. We defeated every of big team either by playing well as well by parking our buses. This showed our style of playing changed based on situation. Our players study z game precausiously and react well after studying z game. There is time to play well, to attack as well to defend. If LFC expects to score goals what they to Arsenal is, they r wrong. Tactically playing team is more loveable than playing football with more possession.

  18. When there is no parking space at anfield,we wil be forced 2 park our buses in the field of play.teams should beware & alwaz create parking space big enough becaus next time we may be coming with 2 train.jose is dynamic in tactics.

    1. Adetayor says

      llllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooolllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ…….lafffiinnn…..2 trains?????…rogers will feel lyk killin mou after d match

  19. Adetayor says

    llllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooolllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ…….lafffiinnn…..2 trains?????…rogers will feel lyk killin mou after d match

  20. Anonymous says

    For those of you who are rude and talk football with blames as if you are a professionals, read this;
    ‘In this moment football is full of philosophers. It is full of people that understand it much more than me, and it is full of people with fantastic theories and philosophies.
    Jose Mourinho.

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