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Match Report: Chelsea FC 1-2 Sunderland AFC

The match at Stamford Bridge started with absolute yet polar opposite ambitions for the two teams, where Blues strived to embark on a run of first win in four remaining matches. Meanwhile Sunderland energized from their away Man City draw needed to wreak an upset in their bid to climb out of the table’s extreme bottom.


The match started with an indifferent intensity given the dire needs for either team to meet requirements. Sunderland showed collective performance,by exchanging passes to evade the Blues. In the 3rd minute an absent mindedly commited pass to Schwarzer by Oscar was almost recieved by a Toon player. The first corner kick of the match saw Willian shoot straight against Vitor Mannone from whose,fists the ball ricochetted off. The resolve of the away side was almost on the brink of being broken in the 10th minute when Chelsea would not let them off past their D-Box. Eto’o pulled off a fantastic dodge to overcome two Sunderland players close inside their D-Box before his shot was blocked by Santiago Vergini for a corner. Then in the,12th minute from a Willian delivery rightly picked up the Cameroonian hit man who met it with an unstoppable shot beyond Mannone. The Stamford Bridge crowd went into raptures as the camera focused on a smiling Jose Mourinho. The lead however would be short lived as in the 18th minute Toon managed to win a corner on an Ivanovic challenge. Like the corresponding away match where all of the opposition’s three goals were scored from set pieces the Blues showed poor defense. The free-kick was delivered to an unmarked Marcos Alonso positioned at the periphery of D-Box perpendicular to it. The Blue shirts heavily outnumbered the ones from the visiting side and afforded him plenty of space. The Spanish Left Back duly shot a bit rightward which any of Cahill or Terry should have thwarted with their back side but let it flow straight to Schwarzer’s hands. The 41 year old Aussie fisted it instead of parrying it away as the ball auspiciously landed at the feet of Connor Wickham. The 21 year old easily outran Ivanovic to slot it beyond Schwarzer, to drive his mates in the field ecstatic. Hence in the 20th minute things became weary for Chelsea in their hunt for the second goal. They could run forward at will and spent most of their time in the Toon’s D-Box. Meanwhile a foul on Azpilicueta which was clearly yellow card offense was spared by the referre Mike Dean. Corners took place one after another for the home side where in the 38th minute Ivanovic’s goal bound header could not be grabbed by Mannone. It bounced off to strike the upper frame of the goal post that the Goal keeper safely collected. In the 44th minute Ramires largely quiet throughout the match was played in a through ball leaving him one on one with Mannone was prevented a clear goal by Sebastian Larsson. Then the first half ran out with the host side’s unfulfilled task of producing a lead.




HT: 1-0
HT: 1-1



The second half resumed with Sunderland earning a free kick worryingly for Chelsea whose deputizing Goal Keeper Schwarzer struggled with clearances as he slipped to the ground each time. From the corner kick Ivanovic crossed from a narrow angle to a team mate. Then Willian received the ball and stormed into the Toon D-Box and laid it at the path of the charging Eto’o to shoot from the left. However the clear opportunity was scuppered to silence the crowds. Then shortly past the 50th minute Oscar was replaced by Demba Ba. Willian the consistent player on the pitch created a golden scoring opportunity for Ba to stroke an easy ball to the net of the net. Somehow the unmarked Senagalese contrived to miserably miss it. Chelsea resumed their offensive moves which was faced without nervousness from the Sunderland team that threw bodies to congest their D-Box. Salah was withdrawn for Schurrle whose direct shot was skillfully blocked by Mannone. As frustrations continued in the 81st minute Azpilicueta tripped over with the ball at his feet that allowed Jozy Altidore to recover the ball. As the American ran past the Spaniard who had to stand before making a chase got his foot struck between that of Alttidore in a fair challenge. The referre’s assistant at the left side misjudged it as a foul drawing a penalty kick decision from his chief Mike Dean. It was Chelsea’s first ever penalty conceded in the League this season. Yet the first conceeded penalty struck a massive dreadful blow as the ex Blue Fabio Borini aptly converted. Schurrle responded immediately from the left flank with a sublime shot that Mannone was equal to with his save. The following minutes saw Chelsea intensifying their offensive moves yet with safe feelings from the opposition. Rui Faria could not suppress his emotions against Mike Dean on the invalid penalty issue and had be drawn back by other members of the coaching staff. Five minutes of added time was given with the mountain climbing task of scoring two goals to save the Title triumph possibile. Sunderland held on frustrating them with late time killing substititions and ran out winners of the contest. However Blues were hard done by some invalid decisions by Dean who did not award them three absolute penalty kicks via handball by the away players in the second half. Moreover Matic was blamed for a harmless contact against his marker in the first that invalidated a Terry shot into the net. Chelsea racked up 30 plus goal attempts and nearly 70 percent possession which was rendered ineffective by woeful ill-luck.





Chelsea Samuel Eto’o (12′)

Sunderland Connor Wickham (18′) Fabio Borini (82′) (Pen)

Chelsea Formation (4-2-3-1) Schwarzer: Ivanovic-Cahill-Terr­­y-Azplilicueta: Ramires-Matic: Salah-Oscar-Willian Eto’o

Subtitites: Ba↓ Oscar↑, Torres↓ Eto’o↑, Schurrle↓ Salah↑

Sunderland Formation (4-1-4-1) Mannone: Vergini, Brown, O’Shea, Alonso: Cattermole: Larsson, Johnson, Coleback, Borini: Wickham.


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  1. Martin, Norway. says

    Ramires should be sold.

  2. Martin, Norway. says

    Our inhability to perform poorly against smaller teams has costed us the title. Hope we can learn from this and be stronger next season.

  3. derklenn says

    Soon Hazard will be back, might just give us a little boost 😉

  4. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    Ramires,Oscar suld b sold.ramires z jux nt gud enof,oscar jux too selfish n stupid yet mr mourinho z playin dem game afta game cos he z a coach of favoratism.mourinho’s character z becomin unbecomin.pls abramovich sack him nw b4 he destroys our club.mourinho 4 sack

    1. Anonymous says

      Shut the hell up man.

    2. blue says

      Fuck u dickhead mother fucker cunt bitch

    3. Mason Cole says

      Dude what are u saying? We’ve prayed for Mou to come back since the day he left. Let him build his team and trust in him KTBFFH

    4. Gbasha.bitto says

      Lols, Oscar n our midgielders are stingy they want to score at all cost

  5. Anonymous says

    From my point, JM is looking into CL then EPL, as from the line-up, he can do better if there is no incoming CL game.

  6. blue says

    Mike dean is a Liverpool supporter i got this article from his wikipedia
    ((Dean was originally appointed to referee the 2006 FA Cup final at the Millennium Stadium on 13 May 2006 but the Football Association later replaced him with Alan Wiley after concerns were raised about Dean’s ability to be impartial towards Liverpool, who are based near his hometown in Wirral))
    u can check if u want

  7. Neri Abayomi says

    Poor Officiating, fine but we messed up yet again.
    Jose’s team can’t breakdown a team that allows Chelsea dictate play.
    We kept missing chances to put the game beyond reasonable doubt.
    I wouldn’t sympathize with Jose on this one, he obviously made his squad weaker by selling off Mata and DeBruyne whilst replacing them with good players tho ( but Salah n Matic, are cup-tied in the UCL), this ensures that the players available for UCL needed to exert themselves more than necessary and it is now telling on their EPL performance. I wonder what could ve been, if we had the luxury of calling upon Moses(loan), Lukaku (Loan), KDB (sold), Mata (sold) when the game was at 1-1.
    Oscar’s form nosedived immediately Mata was sold (Since in his subconscious thinking, he was now untouchable) and for the fact that he kept playing every damn game. Hazard’s overuse left him injured @ the most crucial part of the season.

    I still wonder why Ramires starts back to back when we saw how woeful he has been lately- He produces unnecessary fouls, he doesn’t go on his trademark lung bursting runs, he just can’t pass the ball.
    Still wondering what it might v been if we had the full complement of all squad players that started this season.
    Ba scored our last 2 saving goals against PSG and Swansea, still Jose kept him on the bench- he deserves to start- what do you know Jose is a coach that doesn’t reward good performances- He just keeps on with 11

  8. Neri Abayomi says

    I look at Liverpool and I see young, inexperienced but talented players who v the backing and trust of their coach. Sterling, Coutinho, Henderson, Flanagan, even Sturridge, these are players you wouldn’t expect to be in the starting 11 of most top sides but guess Brendan doesn’t care, he gave them a chance and they took it- Liverpool are looking like the likely champions- who says you can’t win with kids(Arsene shd be flogged)
    @ Chelsea pretty sure we a host of talented youth, if not more talented than the above mentioned Liverpudians.

    Piazon, Atsu, McEachran, Aantholt, Omeruo, Ake, Chalobah, Kalas, Thorgan Hazard, Davila, Bamford, Cuevas, Courtois, Marin, Romeu – I am so damn sure- @ least 5 of these players can add real quality to Chelsea if we can trust them. We want none of it tho, we want the latest £50m signing, We want players in their 30’s in attack (Eto’o (33), Torres (30)) , we want an over-rated LB in Shaw for £25m, When we do have these youngstars around, we don’t give a chance to integrated themselves into the squad- Bertrand played well in all the games he had for us but instead of giving him a chance, Jose converted a RB to LB.

    Azpi shd be vying for the RB position with Iva not playing @ LB. Now we v a situation Iva is suspended for the first leg, Azpi shd b @ RB obviously and a rusty Cole would play @ LB, dat can be disastrous in a game of such magnitude- Since Jose didn’t give Cole any dress rehearse against Sunderland- I wouldn’t be surprise to see Ramires play RB while Azpi remains @ LB.

    The players we v shd b playing fantastic football, opening up defences with lovely through balls- more accurately they shd be attacking like Liverpool with pace and imagination, not the slow start movement of Willian n Oscar- a more decisive team with need. Jose do your homework and learn from your former student, Brendan.

    1. jk says

      Neri u have all the corrections needed at Chelsea. Trust of players, creative passes, good pace on the ball that will unlock defences. Poor inaccurate passes are needed and run. Jose is defensive minded is killing our talented boys.

    2. Jeff says

      I totally agree with you. We fuck up against the small teams but rise to the occasion against big sides. Our youth should be given some minutes and José should have trusted Mata and De Bruyne more. The main problem is our formation. Too many players are overused – why is Hazard injured, why is Brana getting sloppy, since Mata left, what’s happened to Oscar’s form, why couldn’t Cole and Ba get more matches in the past, and what has happened to Ramires’ form in the last few months? Unanswered questions here. But yet when the team loses, our strikers get the blame. They should have scored more, especially Torres who has been with us the longest of the three, but other times it is the team’s fault, not individuals.

    3. Adam says

      Since when you have a post supporting mou? Win or lost, it is same rubbish from you. Same stupid comments.

  9. DHEERAJ K says

    Pointing ramires is reasonable,his passing was so poor, can’t hold the ball which leads to losing possesion at crucial stage of building the attack. But despite his enormous energy levels and good tracking back ability he should work on his drawbacks. And pointing oscar is a bit unfair because he is still 22! Anyways we are always with you CFC!

  10. Zyte says

    what is the esence of beating liverpool,man city,arsenal,man united,when we cant beat sunderland,palace,villa,stoke,westbrom,newcastle.dis just reminds me of chelsea of g.vialli’s era dat knows how 2 beat top teams only 2 flop against smal teams.jose must affect some tactical changes,our style of play most times is easily predictabl & daz y these teams knew what 2 do 2 stop us.we ar not dynamic.oscar & willian must hav at least 5-6 touches b4 they releas the bal.we wil keep fighting til the end.ktbffh.

  11. miles says

    All this mou bashing is unbecoming. For yu to ask why he started oscar? Are ys serious. He rested oscar in d last game. And oscar was impressive against psg. @ neri lemme ask yu. Wld yu like all dose players to be at chelsea and not see chance to play. The squad wld be too much. As it is some players like salah are not seeing enough if not for hazarrd injury, yu want to add more. Oscar”s form dropped cos he is TIRED. His style of play makes him tire easily cos he runs round the whole pitch. Yu tink oscar tinks he is unntouchable? Mou has benched him for important games before. E.g city. Mou has no favourites. Some of his tacttics selections may come out wrong but not favourites. @zyte yu are right. Our syle of play is too predictable against teams that defend. Its only hazard that takes the initiative to make sth happen. Eto and willian too does that at times but not on a regular basis. I agree with @ neri that we need to rely on youth a litttle bit more but using liverpool as an example is laughable. D reasonn why liverpool is winning is cos of their number of games. They have quality no doubt but imagine having a standard 11 that needs no rest. Immagine if we had a stanndard 11 for d whole season with hazard,n oscar, willian who were never tired playing one game a week. Liverpool wld not be dis good next year. That’s a fact. Show me a top club that relies on youth? I dare yu. I agree we shd use youth a little bit more. For ur info, shaw is going to manU. Van aahnholt is coming in as our lb next year. He met with mou so that if he is not in mou’s plan nxt year he shd be sold. Mou assured him. VA is good. He got his first cap while on loan. And that’s saying sth.

  12. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    Mourinho z only a trouble maker dats all.we nid a beta coach wt humble n simple character lik hindick,matinez,rahikard.a coach dat wl nt maginalize som players but wl mak evry player fil hapi at d club n also intergrate exceptional players frm d youth team 2d first team.mourinho is nt d man 4 dat.rada mourinho is alwys complainin of nt havin 50m striker.abramovich u made a mistake bringin bak dis trouble maker called JOSE MOURINHO

  13. fidel says

    The premier league is a fraud.betting companies can determine who wins leagues,FA can sentimentally cede the Title to who they feel should win it(in this case,they are doing this for gerard coz their ‘captain’should win a title once at least.I mean Chelsea and city were hard done by the FA this season.No one asked why the controversial decisions never affected Liverpool.English football,Smh,you guys can never win the world cup.This league hates foreign influence and only elevate their below average teams and stars as though they were world footballers of the year.Fucking ballheads.Gerard listed in the PFA player of the year on what basis??1as he better than willian,rodriguez or others??.This league is rigged and FA wants to hand it to liverpool on a platter.No wonder top players. Do not want to come to england because they will be made ordinary players by the FA and ‘the Ordinary’english stars made ‘super stars’.Nepotic Fucks.
    @victor atiye: U r dumb for saying mou should be sacked.who is on our bench to play in place of Ramires or Oscar in that game?lampard or mikel?bloody terrorist(non chelsea fans infiltrating our sites to advise rubbish) disguising as a chelsea fan.we know u all.Nigerians!smh

    1. Mason Cole says

      Really? Liverpool have won the league because they haven’t flopped against small teams. Stop blaming the officials. Yes, there have been a few dodgy decisions go against us and Man City this season, but against everyone. It was never a penalty when Rami dived to earn a draw vs WBA. Whining about it only makes it worse. Do u think the behaviour of Mou’s assistant on Saturday will make refs more inclined to give us decisions? No chance! Look at Liverpool the other week. WHU’s goal shouldn’t have counted, but they got on with it and forced the ref to make another decision and the won the game. I love Mou, but whatever the refereeing decisions, there is no conspiracy, we just simply haven’t been good enough against the smaller teams all season

  14. fidel says

    Dheeraj- u r so right on Ramires but I think he played more games more than anyone this season and is a bit tired.
    Zyte-good point but this happens.We were largely affected by not having enough powers upfront as these smaller teams devised a clever way to win.they know well that Chelsea has an excellent midfield but dead strikers(torres n ba esp).So they play damage football and b elieve it or not,wen u play so well and not able to Score,you get disillusioned and can loose focus for a counter score.This is what we played bayern at the UCL. Final that all fucks were saying negative football,we hate Chelsea!now teams do it and all of a sudden ‘ohh they played wonderfully well against chelsea,marked well,they deserve the draw or win’.Even England condemned Chelsea!!,their own Club then!!!!thumbs down really.I think England deserves only 3 places in the UCL.

    Miles:brilliant ur comments

    Neri- if u ask me,I will say JM should buy another HM,DM,1CD,1LB,2strikers to compliment lukaku and eto’o but costa should be our no1,trust me eto’o won’t mind.Costa and griezman.DM-khedira,LB-filipe luis(and Van aanholt),HM-Koke,CD-mangala
    Ramires should be sold.Oscar needs fresh competition to keep him at his best again.mata and especially deBryne could not have changed anything,the match was the FA decision,Simple!.I am not a child.

  15. Akinwumi Steven says

    I’m used to poor officiating in England,its no longer a new thing to me again,but we have to be sincere with ourselves,Jose contributed immensely to the present situation,in fact this guy has already lost his touch as far as I’m concerned.
    Let’s look at it this way,what’s the essence of beating big teams if we can thrash a smaller team?it doesn’t make any sense at all!
    I’m very surprise not to see A.Cole during weekend at least to warm him up for’s game.well I wouldn’t be surprise to Ramires in right back and Azpi on the left side?
    He sold Mata to accommodate Willian,KDB for Sallah and benched a committed Mikel for Matic that can’t even do anything with his right leg!
    Whatever happens at the end of the season,Mou be should ready to take 70% blame!

  16. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    @fidel, it seems u’re jux beginin 2 len hw 2 talk.u too cal urself a chelsea fan or na mourinho fan u be? Wat has mourinho won dat oda managers hav nt won pls tel me.instead of being a of chelsea u’re jux a fan of d arrogant mourinho who alwys complain & put d blame on match officials.birds of same feather.

    1. FLENZY says

      u see @fidel Nigerians will never learn. hv u seen sombody comparing mikel with matic and blaming coaches. also calling for his sack?. I said it and wil say it again take mikel obi to enugu rangers to enjoy him more ok block headed people. the only tlk with sentiments. if u check all the coments u will see thiers totally deferent and sensless with an exception of few of them they are only mikel fans not Chelsea fans.

  17. Adam says

    We play too slow: “care less attitude”: It happens all year. We are slow, predictable and boring specially when we play against team who park the bus. But I dont think it is Mou fault. The reason Chelsea in the last 3 seasons (since 2011) didnt win the PL and finish 15 points behind the leader is that we dont have a decent striker and the team doesnt have the ability to play quicker the ball like liverpool or Arsenal. Keep in mind that Chelsea also lost against QPR last year 2012/2013. The fact that we play too slow is really boring and disgusting. Hopefully Mou will change this next year because he will make sure that we beat those teams who are in the bottom of the table.

    Ramires is not the type of play to play when we play against defensive team as he doesnt know how to pass quickly the ball. To solve the problem, we will sign Fredy Guarín next year to challenge Ramires. Also, we will have a proper number 10 player to challenge Oscar. Keddira or Modric will be perfect also for MD. I think the team will dramatically change next year with 22 players which each player will have to fight for a place.

    For the strikers issue, it is abramovich fault to ask managers to play with torres who is absolutely useless. Mou will sort out everything next year.

  18. Neri Abayomi says

    Would love to see Wallace fight out the right back position with Azpi, while Iva is moved to the CB role to contest with Cahill, Luiz and Terry.
    Courtois shd come in and give Cech a run for his money.
    Cole shd move on, with Patrick and Ryan fighting out for the LB slot.
    Time for Mikel to move on- bcos Mou is unfairly leaving him out of the squad
    Ramires, Romeu, Matic, MvG- a decent DM options for next season.
    Oscar or Willian as playmaker- Too predictable in their play- They must buckle up
    We have enough wing cover- Willian, Hazard, Schurrle, Salah but I think we still need one more to add something new- probably Moses or Piazon or Atsu

    Strikers- Sell dem off
    Get Costa and Lukaku in

    1. miles says

      @Neri. I agree with yu. But jose is not unfairly leaving mikel out. He aint good enoough for the type of team we. Are building. Just like mata#10. And Iva will never play @ cb if mou has his way. It will be him and azpi for rb while patrick and someone else (not bertrand) for lb. We do not need a dm. DL#4 does that already. With matic readily available.

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